Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Bermuda In Us

I suppose there’s a part in all of us where emotions lose their effect. There’s a steely surface where the greatest tragedy hits & disappears like something over the Bermuda Triangle; just vanishes without a trace. It goes beyond sight into a region where there’s no chance of discovery again. Such are we, that we deny that there’s another feeling beyond ours. The mortal pain we so often come across becomes numb. Everything that we’d like for ourselves we fail to give to another. The fires that burn inside us too, we comprehend, yet not care. Even throw holy water & it’ll turn to steam & float away.

Consider the simile of the Bermuda triangle where the greatest of vessels quietly vanish from the surface of the earth: no one to state where they end up & those capable of relating the stories cease to exist. Such is bitterness. The body where it abodes, it dulls! The eyes see, the heart feels, the mind understands yet it doesn’t matter. The hatred flaming inside doesn’t allow a change for the better. It’ll prod to be unleashed & destroy but not heal. There may be some remnants in a good heart to extent himself for the sake of another but it won’t permit. It’ll take over & kill the senses that feel something. It cannot bear the thought of saving another’s soul. “Let them die” you hear it call from within. “Don’t care” it tells you. “Turn & walk away” comes the last command.

You obey, as you were meant to follow. A common outcome we all are aware of. We know what it is like, because we’ve been in both the situations. We’ve resented as well as been despised. We’ve all faced situations when we need someone around yet search in vain. Even warm hearts at times can grow cold. The truest of hearts tire of beating for the love unreturned: only to wake one morning & find their insides like frost over a doused candle. There takes over an emptiness that never lived before-a sensation like death within & nothing subsisting anymore. The once wet eyes dried & cold continue the remains of the journey. They see all that pain inside another & simply turn away. Just shrug it off. No one bothered to save them & they’ve come far. They say to let others find their own way out. The strongest of them will survive; for the others ‘Que sera sera’(what will be will be).

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