Tuesday, January 18, 2005


" An injured bird came flying into the house. The lady lifted & placed it on top of another sparrow's cage. The newcomer was beaked constantly by the old resident till she flew away from there. The innocent soul went & kept crashing into the revolving fan,despite being hurt continuously till it got slashed in the neck & became lethargic. The bird was left outside the house-an easy target for the predators. No one knew what became of it." Its one of those situations in life that you know it all yet you know nothing. If only you could prove your doubts. If only you had the answers before the happenings. it would be easy then. But then it’s not so simple. How could you state for what isn’t in your control? How could you claim another’s destiny or for that matter their disposition? Who’s to know the meanings behind not yet happened events? Yet we claim to ascertain other’s motives & deeds. We think, therefore we label even without much proof. There are those innocents who spend their lives imprisoned while the sinners loamed free. No one confesses the truth & it comes out after ages & eons when the good life has already gone. The time no apologies would pay for. It was still the jury’s decision passed with confidence but time revealed a different picture. Human minds are programmed only to perceive little. Only time relates the truest stories but signs are there for the upcoming events. Only the wise understand better & reveal little till the premonition is finally revealed in its original form.

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