Monday, January 17, 2005


Another night without you
My heart has grown cold since you’ve been gone
Misery has befriended me
Only silence tortures my weary ears & images of you torment my idle sleep.
 Your smile still lights up the dark
Your laughter echoes in this empty room
Your image replays your footsteps & the scent of your perfume still remains, enkindling the pain.
 This room has become cold in your absence & not even the fires of hell can warm it
Just the thought of your touch arouses me
Just the contemplation of your eyes soothe me
Just the perception of your face comforts me
But I know these fancies are delusive
 Death is better than this misery
It is greater than these sleepless nights
 Preferable than this ill-fated romance
And much healthier than this wretched life.

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