Saturday, January 01, 2005

End Of The Love Reign

You were not for me. Just like no one ever had been. It wasn’t like it was beyond expectation nevertheless it should’ve been painful. Perhaps it sounds far-fetched but it’s the truth. What’s hurt when it becomes a part of life? It’s not a new addition that would bring a change. Being a norm, anything coming is easy to tolerate. What’s disappointment? Please remind me the feeling that I’ve forgotten since some time. You’re gone, so what? Your presence did not make nor left any change. Could it be that after all this time I’ve grown cold? Or is that disposition due to the fact that you put in very little to what we shared? Well in either case it made no difference. It’s good that you didn’t bother much. Why to sacrifice for anyone when everyone’s only working for themselves? I’m glad you did too. There are fools like me who vent their wasted emotions into sordid writings llike this, but we feel & we care. Only to mope for them in the end & pour our resentment filled hearts into worthless tears. We're the ones hugging our pillows at night, praying for dawn to come early. We're the ones whose waits don't end. we're the ones providing the warmt only to end up shivering in the cold. Thats the price we pay for being emotional! What’s love anyways? When there are other things in this world why to run after what’s so intangible & inconsistent? There’s money & land to fight for. Why stand around to hold a person’s hand when you could be in the spot-light? Who’d bother about feelings when there’s power to struggle for? Why to care about other people once you’re getting your stomachs filled & the pockets? Why to raise the voice & disrupt our own chances for the sake of societies? Why to take all the trouble? Why care about anyone besides the self? Evidently everyone’s doing the job for themselves alone. All the good love’s gone. Hatred rules the heart now. Those fires keep it warm & going. What’s there to love in this dirty little world? The only love we know is for ourselves. We seek people only for our carnal desires. We use them & throw them like tissue papers. We’re lustful creatures craving power & status & we’ve forgotten the things that had some value. We’ve forgotten the purpose of our creation. We only run after things that’ll earn us glory & fortune. We’ve taken down walls & shed blood of millions in the name of glory. Then we claim to be humans! No matter how much we deny that’s the truth. Had that not been the reason, we’ve all been living quiet lives, unconcerned about what others did-whether that concerns the man-woman affairs or the affairs of the nations. There’s little room for love when we’ve built castles & fortresses out of antipathy. We’ve divided nations so what’s so big about breaking individuals? Hearts are even smaller entities than that. Teach those foolish souls to forget kindness & good deeds. Tell them to seek pleasure from worldly desires. Most of the people have forgotten what loving was about. There is no future for those who love. Tell them to turn cold. Teach them the art of survival without conscience; those who wish to exist will learn. There’s no place for the others. It’s a cruel world. When you can’t beat them, join them!

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thumper said...

No. You don't join them. You betray them. You hold onto the distant memory of grace. By remembering that it matters. You're right, it is a dirty little world. But this is an age where people like you and I are the anarchists. We are the underground. Everywhere around is a fog of superficial ugliness. It hides us. Start to cherish it. Few remain.