Saturday, January 15, 2005

The last petal

How to relate the words that torment within? What term would define the kind of life it’s been? What to do when the living the loved ones take away? Unaware they extinguish the light from the day. Lips don’t speak for it’s a matter of the heart Better to hold the throe than to drift apart Time would fare only to eat at the core Unfortunately the price of deception is always more. Stand ashore hoping the winds to carry away the pain Grey clouds came but brought no rain Counted on nature but received no solace & so it became another step to fall from grace. Unwritten messages choked the air Utterances could’ve conveyed but the heart couldn’t bear A little light in the tunnel that too faded with time With time, the dying melody completely lost its rhyme. Like to the dead the sun gave no warmth Carved a thousand smiles but dwelled without a soul Prayed for peace & Heaven granted a place The spirit lifted & left a petal as its trace.

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