Saturday, January 08, 2005

Death Of A Dream

It was a dream that felt so real
Arousing immaculate emotions so hard to conceal
There was invincibility in innocence
Now the hour glass has faded leaving only pretense.
 Remnants of sand will slip too soon
Then raise the eyelids to find it’s noon
The crystal ball shows nothing of what the future should’ve been & denying the truth is such a sin.
 Like a knife, its flesh sears
Invisible to the mortal eye the whirlpool appears
Here’re stone eyes where visions don’t exist
The decks & halls are only one’s mists.
 Dead ears where sound & silence is the same
It’s not the ears but the heart is to blame
Innocence is foolish to create wonderlands
To forget that Destiny is only in Fate’s hand.
 & like a dream the fantasy will die
The ocean will swell to wave it goodbye
Prayer of another would be granted it seems
 But for me, it’ll just be the death of a dream.

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