Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Devil’s Dance

Tear the earth into a thousand pieces
Stab the heart till the last beat ceases
Dry up even the last pint of every ocean
But nothing will change this burning emotion.

Settled with love till played with fire
Then burning became the only desire
Experienced hurt then a restless heart
Then wished those feelings would never depart.

Ever heard of the devil falling in love?
That feeling’s attributed to only celestial beings above
The Satan is true to himself alone
Fire will melt what’s only flesh & bone.

Younger years taught how to cry
But the fire drank till the eyes were dry
The heat & hurt tried to intimidate
But I’d asked the fire to become my fate.

Experience of the first burn then wanted till the last
When wanted to turn around, time moved too fast
The first look at the player of fire had me entranced
Then nothing seemed more exciting than the devil’s dance.

Chain these legs & tie these arms
Blind the eyes but he won’t lose his charm
For him I’ll be till the last breath
Only his fire will give an honorable death.

The fire’s hurt is the sweetest pain
Enticing the devil ended in vain
He wasn’t the one to take a fall
I surrendered to burn my body & all.

Contented was the heart with each painful infliction
The devilish charms were a sweet addiction
Knew that the skies would never be blue again
But his fiery magic bid me to remain.

Too blinded by love to mind the pain
Fire was a passion too wonderful to abstain
Then what was peace compared to this life
When I’d vowed to become the devil’s wife.

Stab the heart or body a thousand times
But I’ve lived the moment meant to be mine
Nothing matters-not rain nor storms
The passion of fire will keep me warm.

Burn the moon or put out the sun
Nothing will cause this feeling to come undone
The mountains can tumble & even when the stars wont shine
My heart will belong to the devil for eternal time.

Peace & sleep hold no charm
Wanted a dance in the devil’s arms
Games of fire have made me insane
Now want to burn in it till nothing remains!

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