Monday, January 03, 2005

Lingering on love

One last tear for the beloved
 One last time before closing the book 
Would love to hold on, despite vain But the picture of reality’s changing. 
 One last prayer for happiness 
The last nurturing of the garden of memories 
Fostered with devotion, all that will tomorrow die 
One last turn to whisper goodbye. 
 These feet would tread those grounds no more 
Chained they will be the day after 
These arms would reach out no more 
Clasped with hands, that won’t be yours. 
 One last sigh for the fading dream 
Wish that time would learn to wait 
Should’ve been strong in resisting love 
Would’ve been spared the wounds that now won’t heal. 
 The last whisper to bid childhood goodbye 
One last wish to hold your hand 
These memories will tomorrow be buried 
Along with the dreams I depicted of you. 
 Cry me a tear, to pretend that it mattered to you 
Bid farewell like you’ll miss me, as I leave 
One last time, for my stay is short & as I commit to someone else, I’ll set you free.

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