Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Tragedy of love

So this is how every story goes
One minute love & the next minute woe
A few moments of joy & all the rest is regret
In a game of love that’s all you get. 

Occasions like flowers fade
And fall down as they were made
All the sweet secrets & vows
Wholly in nothing is where they go.

A will to forget all that has past 
But the conscious craves to save the best for last 
All that happened isn’t easy to forget
But the only existing emotion is regret.

Regrets of the life that is dead 
Memories of days more done than said
 Endless search of traces of bliss 
In the days now missed.

After those moments of wishful hues 
The harsh reality comes into view 
With the present so forlorn 
& a pocket full of memories that stand alone.

Hopes which have forever past 
A love so sweet that it could not last 
Dreams that had vanished into thin air 
Shattering the images of a love so fair.