Sunday, December 05, 2004

Denied Existence

“She died last week” came the tidings. Don’t bother telling me that you didn’t notice. I know you didn’t! It was never in you to observe the changes-especially such subtle ones that enter & exit smoothly & silently. I know you didn’t even know that she was a new life. You felt her presence, that I realized but you took it for granted. I bet you didn’t even think for a minute that she might’ve left your side. You wouldn’t have even imagined that she would never even return. You did whatever you thought about it then. If she bothered you, then your irritation would’ve gone without notice. If she pleased you, you might miss her presence. In either case you wouldn’t be able to conjure neither her existence, nor her death. Nobody knows when she was born, or how she came to life, but she did. She lived well, even if her stay was short. A gleeful, bright child who danced around & laughed heartedly. She was playful & entertained all those around her. Her twinkling eyes sparkled with naught. Everyone witnessed the vivacious spirit. They all shared the innocent laughter. But today they remember little of that child. Nobody noticed it gone. They condole but in silence. She was a being alright but borrowed a mortal body. She didn’t have one of her own. That’s why you don’t know. She was a clever & jolly kid wasn’t she? So pure & innocent. Never took life for granted. She didn’t even think about death herself. Poor child! There’s still life for that body she left behind. Pray that it survives the emptiness after losing the best parts of it. The vacancy she left could only fit her & none else. Now it would forever remain bare. So close the door which has no place for another visitor. Bury the remains while her memory lives. Let no one find tracks later that will stir the past. We’ll pretend that she never lived!

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