Friday, December 03, 2004

Song To The Innocent

Where there is water there is blue
 Where miracles happen, I found you
 Life was lonely & needed a start
 Then you came in & captured my heart.

 I understand beauty when I see you smile
 It’s pure pleasure when we share a while.
 I’ll always be there for you
 There’s no end to what I’ll do
 When shelter you need, these arms will protect you
 When courage you need, they’ll lift you too
 All I have is what I’ll give
 Sweet child, it’s for you I live.

 Life may get harsh & tides do get rough
 Have faith in yourself & that’s enough
 If shadows come knocking on your door
 They’ll need to deal with me before.

 Some roads may be dark but we’ll face them together
 Hand in hand, it’s a friendship forever.
 Don’t need roses or a diamond ring
 Your smiling eyes & carefree laughter are the greatest things 

A world of innocence dwells in your eyes
 Enlocked in your embrace is what I consider Paradise.
 Innocence will live till you are here
 And never will my smile be replaced by a tear.

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