Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Let Me Be the One

Chorus: Let me be the one to hold you through the night

The one to chase the darkness & bring in the light

Let me be the one to comfort you when it’s cold

The only friend you’d run a 1000 miles to hold.

Let me be the one you trust with all your life

Your friend, your world, your everything as your wife

Let me be the one who’d always make you smile

The one to cherish all your dreams & every while

I never thought that this could happen

I never felt it could come true

Never dreamt I’d find someone like you

The one to give me so much pleasure

The one to chase away my pain

I’d give my all tonight, if you


I swear I’ll always be there for you

Bring down the heaven if you ask me too

Say it once that you want me too

Promise …


Please let me be the only one

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