Sunday, December 12, 2004

Etched On A heartbeat

You always believed that it was lust that filled this heart of mine
 I guarantee that it’s pure love that’s deep & divine
With every inch of my body I worship thee
In return I only ask to surrender to me.
 You’ve been the first sight my heart fell for
Since then it’s only you that I longed for
From the most innocent touch to the sweetest kiss
 I assume that Heaven can’t be better than this.
 One sight of you & all my worries go away
Your smile banishes every word I’d like to say
With one touch, I’m set on fire from head to feet & the only satisfaction is your embrace so sweet.
 From every scent to the last drop of sweat
You’d never know a truer love yet
The sun may come or the moon may not rise
But the beauty of light is all there in your eyes.
 With a single whisper you make the beat skip
With a single confession the whole world you grip
With one word of loyalty this life would be complete & to the last breath, etch your name on every heartbeat.

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