Saturday, December 11, 2004

An Identity Lost

An empty feeling that dwells inside
Dead are even the masks of pride
Flesh & bone once made this woman
But the body’s soulless to be called human.
 A painted face with a painted smile
The heart’s too numb to acknowledge a trial
 Hollow eyes continue to twinkle
Of once gold, only ash is left to sprinkle.
 Melodious laughter plays over & over again
Eyes don’t distinguish between the women & men
Words are void but really sweet
No reason to live but the heart continues to beat.
 The beat diminishes as time goes by
A wind blown petal against a painted sky
 Face of youth with a reflection of age
An instructed doll-like a model on stage.
 The soul & cold metal feel the same
Not life, but the mind is to blame
Change follows when the heart loses its voice
Then losing personality isn’t a choice.

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