Thursday, December 16, 2004

Revival Of Love

Life has ways that you can’t tell
One minute it’s love & the other minute hell
Just when you think everything feels right something goes wrong & just when you think u know it, the player changes the song.
  Friend:There are things none of us can see 
They may not seem as they may be 
Once every while lives are shattered 
Due to misunderstanding with what really matters. 

When you think you’ve attained eternal bliss
Something minuscule might change this
The feeling of being loved can go away & nothing can chase the feeling irrespective of what anyone says.

Misunderstandings give way to broken dreams 
Things may actually be simpler than they seem 
Affectionate hearts may turn cold 
When bitter emotions get their hold.
Every wound takes time to heal 
One night can’t change the way you feel 
A lot of time & patience is a must 
If love is to revive & to regain trust.

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