Monday, December 27, 2004

No One To Blame

Just another wish that went down the drain. Never expected much from life anyways. Not that it came as a surprise. I knew the story from alpha to omega but don’t know why expected that it would be different. I suppose we need to have high hopes in order to aspire & survive. Then again I forget that pain & pleasure go hand in hand. Certain things are truer for some than others. Perhaps it’s the approach. I’ve always said that the mind’s to blame. Even in this tale I know I’m the guilty one. Had I never given in, today I’d have been focusing on other things besides this broken heart. Well hearts were made to be broken, weren’t they? Gave up making promises long time ago when those were declared for breaking purposes. Where is a person to settle now? Hearts are cold in today’s time. No place to keep the head for every shoulder seeks material. I couldn’t accuse you in that respect. You were just careful in your own way. I guess you had enough going on in your life to take too much interest in someone else’s. You, the practical achievers, were always ahead of us. We, the grand dreamers, got little from life. So it becomes obvious that perception affects our disposition doesn’t it? What should I hold against you when everything seems to be against me? Well let’s blame the circumstances shall we? You carry along your path, I’ll find my way through those thick forests and maybe the lions might be having a party somewhere.

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