Monday, December 13, 2004

A Mere Fantasy

Why do you come to tease me like this?
You show me wonders that I could miss,
You come in my dreams to make me discontent
Why must you play with my sentiments?
 Why do you show me what I didn’t believe in before?
 Why do you lead me through new experiences, door after door?
You make me do things I’d never do
Then you make me fantasize what you put me through.
 I know that you can kill with your charm
 But why do you choose me to fill your arms?
I know that incomparable, irresistible is your dance.
But I’m not the one who’d like such romance.
 I have a life I need to live
I can’t be satisfied with what you give
I admit that you’re more than a handsome face
But your offers only make my life fall out of place.
 Spare me the dreams & its associated pain
Please let my life remain
You upset everything that is real
For nothing in my life compares to how you make me feel.

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