Saturday, December 25, 2004

The Sinful Pleasure

Expected too high to receive the pain
Unfulfilled remained the desire to be cruelly slain
 Hurt was an addiction the body desperately craved
Disregarded a heart without the slashes engraved.

No consideration for a body that never bled
Unattractive appeared the eyes that never shed
Human weren’t the hands that never shook
Unseared flesh wasn’t worth the look.

 Begged for a generous portion of the cruelty inflicted
 Deluged in the sensation the general opinion contradicted
Once only a feeling that turned into obsession
So silent suffering became the secret passion.

 Longed for the sensation to run in the veins
Prided in the reflection of the knife profoundly slain
The lunatic desire got labeled as source of regret
An enraging sin the heart could never forget.

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