Thursday, December 23, 2004

Drugged By Love

Forgive me for calling you

I understand that I am wrong

Forgive this heart that doesn’t cease beating

It’s just that these emotions come on strong.

I wish I could walk away

I wish I could erase the past

Simply carry on without a care

& by forgetting you, I could rest at last.

Had it been easy don’t you think I would’ve tried?

How could I forget the one who lightened me inside?

The one who made me smile & eased my frown

Who held my world when it was crashing down!

Teach me to check the tears filling these eyes

Save the body before it quietly dies

There’s only 1 hope of survival & that’s from you

Even without a chance I know you’d pull me through.

Despite trying I can’t let go

The more I hide my feelings the more it shows

Wish I could leave your hand & just turn away

But this soul would die long before the hair turn grey.

Believe me I’ve tried to leave you behind

But you’ve given the love of the purest kind

Every time I tried to leave, you bid me to remain

Now like an addict, without you, I’d go insane.

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