Sunday, December 26, 2004

Wisdom Over Ideals

The eyes meet to give more than words would say

The delicate touch of the fingers takes the breath away

Enlocked in a private circle the shoulders adjoin

Not confessing the truth was just fine.

Sensations ran below the skin but never to manifest

After years of innocence finally roused from rest

The mind knew the truth but hid it well

Admitting it was love would only put through hell.

Hazy emotions misted the view on both sides

Accepting reality would hurt the pride

Falling in love wasn’t meant for the strong

Especially when the people appeared too wrong.

A different channel to vent that below

Completely dramatic characters continued the show

The real existence buried beneath the roles

Allowing time to later take its toll.

All putative that had never grown profound

A good friendship that may never touch another ground

But such currents never question the direction they take

But wisdom examines & warns that it could all be fake.

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