Thursday, December 02, 2004


Beyond this world

Amongst the stars

Lies the answer to who you are

In the songs of the trees

With the swirling of the leaves

You’ll find the path to your dreams.

Fly on white horses away from this land

There’s so little compassion but you don’t understand

You belong in the stars with the angels above

Take your horses where you’ll find that love

Climb the rainbow to carry you along

Good fairies will protect you till you become strong.

Young emperor, return to your palace & your gardens

You’re not one of us; you belong to Eden

Build your dreams with ribbons & gold

Look towards the blue skies to find what the future holds

Learn to give, love & share

Reach within your soul to guide you there.

The angels will come to take you away

There’ll be bed of roses where you will lay

For your protection there’ll be armored knights For your guidance there’ll always be the shining light

Go to your world where there’s no sorrow

Sleep now my love, may you wake there tomorrow.

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