Friday, December 24, 2004

A Hurting Beauty

Wish you didn’t laugh the way you do When the voice is weak & the heart is too Wish you didn’t think tears were for the weak It’s only human when they roll down the cheek. Wish you could see what’s above & understand the depth of love Wish you didn’t turn your eyes away When looks gave more than what words would say. Wish you could see when there was hurt inside & analyze the truth when the smile had lied Wish you would lend an ear to heal the pain & gave a little affection when nothing remained. Wish I could describe the way it feels To have bleeding scars that just won’t heal Wish you could pay my words some respect & won’t make it all so easy to forget. Wish your smile was more sincere than it is Wish it was easy to tell you all this Wish your attitude was a little less bold & you didn’t pretend to be so cold. Wish you understood that men too were human inside & their hearts did break even if covered by pride Wish I could change the way you feel But how could I be sure of something so well concealed?

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